There are a range of financial products offered by banks in Switzerland to manage assets with Swiss banking secrecy. Making sense of these options is often a daunting task, especially for an investor who is unfamiliar with Swiss banking laws. While some products may be similar to your home country, legal and contractual structures might differ significantly. It is important to purchase a financial product that considers your goals. It is also crucial to only buy a product when you fully understand the option being offered by a bank. An experienced Swiss banking lawyer such as Caputo & Partners can provide the advice you need when choosing a financial product for your assets.

The goal of protecting your assets is to help you avoid losing money. A Swiss banking lawyer provides insight into the best way of protecting assets within the country’s financial system. A qualified lawyer can also help you determine whether decisions or recommendations made by financial institutions are the right ones, and whether banks are meeting their legal obligations. Caputo & Partner lawyers will ensure all financial products have been completed ‘by the book’ and catch any errors that you might know to look for when reviewing contracts. Our strong and effective relationships with financial institutions in Switzerland also ensure that our lawyers get the answers you need when purchasing products from Swiss banks.