Become your own boss for free? STARTUPS.CH offers entrepreneurs an online incorporation platform where they can calculate a personalized quote for the cost of a business start and, if wanted, can simply begin the process right there. Depending on certain stipulations, the costs of starting a company can be reduced to a minimum through financial help from our partners.

Potential entrepreneurs have the ability, at any time and from any place, to start their own business using the STARTUPS.CH online platform. Aside from the personalized quote which requires basic information such as the preferred business entity type, the Canton of your offices and sum of the initial investment, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to subsequently carry out their business start online. STARTUPS.CH guarantees the online business start process to be efficient and customer friendly.

The partner system, consisting of renowned businesses, gives the entrepreneur the possibility to profit from partnering with certain companies at the business start, which is one of the unique features of STARTUPS.CH. Should an entrepreneur choose to partner with one or more of the companies at hand, these companies will assume part of the cost of starting the business. Ideally, this can result in the entrepreneur having to pay nothing to start the business.

In four Swiss cities, STARTUPS.CH regularly organizes free informational seminars to aid prospective entrepreneurs in learning what is important for a business start. Interested parties have the ability to register on the STARTUPS.CH homepage. Should the entrepreneur already be beyond the basics, the cost of the company start includes an individual consultation by our experts to answer any questions or to offer advice.

The personal consultation of entrepreneurs not just before, but during and after the business start is of great importance to STARTUPS.CH. Entrepreneurs on their way to financial independence can profit from great collective experience.

Do you want to be your own boss and get business consulting? The first step is to calculate your non-binding personalized quote for a business start here.

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